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Simplify Your Oslo Experience

Lykken Norge aims to provide useful, organised information about the city of Oslo to newcomers and tourists on an intuitive platform; integrating cutting-edge AI technology with a diverse range of local, public and private services, simplifying visiting or living in the city.

​We're still in development, so we highly recommend you to leave your email in the waiting list below to be informed when we launch the Platform:

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Hi, I'm LykkenBot. I'm here to make your Oslo experience easier. Ask me anything about the city services, and I'll provide tailored advice and helpful tools.



How will it Work?

Navigate Oslo effortlessly with our step-by-step roadmap, all it takes is just four simple steps:


Choose Your Category

From education and healthcare to taxes and entertainment, select the field you need assistance with.


Follow the Guidance

Our comprehensive roadmaps and diagrams will guide you at every step, eliminating confusion and saving time.


Use AI LykkenBot Assistance

For more personalized guidance, our AI-powered chatbot is always ready with reliable advice and useful insights.


Enjoy Your Oslo Experience

Enjoy your time in Oslo, knowing you have a helping hand to guide you through the complexities of city living.


Unlock the Full Oslo Experience

Explore Oslo like never before. We're more than a platform; we aim to build a community committed to improving city life with efficiency, simplicity, and empowerment for all.

  • Intuitive Roadmaps and Diagrams for each field.
  • AI chatbot and other integrated AI tools.
  • Basic Norwegian language guides for beginners.
  • One-stop platform for all information you need about the city of Oslo.

I can make navigating Oslo smooth and effortless, guiding you through your various needs.


Test LykkenBot

Access the link below and give your valuable feedback about the Proof of Concept (POC) of the Lykken Norge chatbot.

​At this point, the chatbot is exclusively trained with data from the website vilbli.no about secondary education in Oslo.

​Please, help us to improve LykkenBot sending us an e-mail with your suggestions to info@lykkennorge.no


You can communicate your needs to me and get tailored assistance, making it easier and faster to connect to public and private services in Oslo.




Take a closer look at what will make Lykken Norge the preferred choice for navigating Oslo:

All-In-One Platform

No more juggling multiple sources or apps. Access education, healthcare, housing, taxes, entertainment services, and more in one place.

AI-Powered Assistance

Got questions or need tailored advice? Our AI chatbot is primed to understand your needs and provide optimal solutions.

Comprehensive Guidance

Roadmaps & diagrams curated by experts makes navigating city services a breeze. Eliminating language barriers & information overload.


Some of the basic diagrams and roadmaps will always be FREE.
​But you will also have the option to choose a tourism package or an upgrade plan that suits your needs best:


Perfect choice for new residents, providing immediate access to the services bellow.


per month

Choose Basic
  • Access to Basic Diagrams and Roadmaps
  • AI LykkenBot Assistance
  • Email Support on Working Hours
  • Basic Norwegian Language Guides for Beginners
  • Access to Beta Version soon.

​Free trial for 7 days!


Best solution for established residents, with exclusive tools and advanced features:


per month

Choose Premium
  • Access to All Basic Services
  • Access to all Diagrams and Roadmaps
  • Priority Support
  • Access to Exclusive Tools
  • Access to Events Calendar
  • Rewards Program
  • Legal Guidance
  • Emergency Services links
  • Community Forums: For users to share insights, ask questions.


Ideal for liberal professionals and small businesses, with maximum benefits:


per month

Choose Platinum
  • Access to All Basic and Premium Services
  • Professional Page
  • Customised Service Offers to Clients
  • Premium Support
  • Advanced advertisement options
  • Full Access to Exclusive Tools
  • Editor Option to Events Calendar
  • Integrate the Rewards Program
  • Predictive Analytics: Monthly market insights reports
  • Options for large corporations will be available under request for individual quotes, tailored to their unique needs.
Choose your category

​Some examples of categories that will be available.


Category: Culinary and City Experience

Exploring Oslo's Dining Scene

Discover culinary treasures in your city, from Michelin-starred restaurants to local gems.


Category: Education

Understanding the Education System in Oslo

Get to grip with the city's school system and what opportunities await for you or your family.


Category: Health System

Navigating the Healthcare System

A comprehensive guide to the healthcare system in Oslo. Learn about your options and how to navigate the healthcare landscape.


Ready to simplify your Oslo experience?

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Lykken Norge Team